Two paths converge, leading different directions. Three choices lay before you, guiding your way through the wilds. Your choices will affect your life, and any you meet on the chosen path. Which path will you follow?

Welcome to Crossroads, my first try at GMing a full roleplaying campaign. I’ve chosen the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition rules for their comfort of play, and the world as sugguested within for the beginning of our campaign.

This is an experiment in shared storytelling, and I’m honored you’ve all chosen to join me on this journey. I felt the name “Crossroads” was fitting, as we will be beginning at a crossroads for us all.

Every journey begins with a first step, trite but true. Each of your characters have come to a new path in their lives; a point of divergence from the norm. The choices you make during these first faltering steps will lead you towards your destiny, be it one of greatness, or despair.

Your paths will lead, and converge, with those of your companions in the Nenter Vale, which lays on the northern border of the Kingdom of Rhoam. This is an old land, seeped in history and lore, but left to grow wild after the fall of the Nirath Empire, nearly a hundred years ago.


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