Conflicted Half-Orc attempting to find her place away from her family.




Campaign died before it had begun.


Stories don't often start with the people who are arguably the hero or villain in them, and this one is no different.

Antigone's story starts with the city now called Gallowglass, a relic of another time and place. Once with it's glittering spires and impossible to replicate magically built city of glass and precious metals, Gallowglass had been part of a once greater empire, a city based upon magical learning and the prosperty that comes from from magical power.

Gallowglass fell, as many cities do, into decadence and self-importance. No one's quite sure what brought the city to it's knees, but what was once a great and beautiful metropolis of mages, clerics, and the people who supported their endeveaors was a cracked and dusty hull. It took some time for green to come up around the wasteland that spread from the decimated temple of Corellon in the heart of the city, but eventually it did, and with the possiblity of arable land came people who wanted to start something somewhere far from anybody else. 

With distance came danger, however, and once a few farmsteads cropped up in the shadow of Gallowglass bandits and looters came too. However, so did a small contingent of Erathis-sworn clerics and a single Paladin beholden to Erathis; Callisthene Law-Sworn. She was here to help the Erathian clerics explore and reclaim the city, and raise civilization up out of the clutches of decay and the wildnerness. Helping the farmers in trade for support with food and goods, the Church of Erathis helped the scattered farmstreads become a village, a village a town… hoping eventually that people would come and rebuild Gallowglass, getting it's secrets in the process.

But others came to. A company led by Mukhtaar The Blackhand, an Orcish leader of a mixed company of mercenaries. They too were looking to settle, but weren't really looking to play nicely. Gallowglass offered them oppouruntities to strip the city for whatever loot might be left after all this time, and sack the farms for whatever goods they could live off of, or even rule over them and demand tithe.

Now, local legend says that Callisthene came out and demanded the mercenaries cease and leave, but that Mukhtaar was so smitten with her beauty and radience that he demanded she lay down her sword and give him tribute in his tent. Local legend says that she spat on the ground and said she'd quicker lay with his horse! He offered her a compromise; if he could best her one on one, then she'd submit to his wishes and bring the city under his banner. If he lost, he'd lay down his sword and serve her has a supplicant, leaving his lawless ways behind. Battle was joined — a full lunar month, they met day in and day out, wearing at one another until both could not claim victory, but neither were defeated. 

The truth is somewhere in between; Callisthene needed a strong arm to defend the city and the Erathian clerics only did so much. Mukhtaar was tired of wandering and establishing a small army here to hold and protect instead of wander and raze was attractive. Oh, that they fought is true, but the specifics of the bargain might've been different. They might've known each other before, they might've made a few deals…

In the end, it didn't matter. Thirty years later, the people of Gallowglass make up their own truth about the whole mess; all that matters is the charasmatic pair have lifted Gallowglass from the ashes; the Blackhand company remained as the backbone of the guard, and Callisthene remains on the privy council as a founder… and their four children have to live with their legacy.

They had four children; Baakir, his father's image, if more thoughtful and prone to better judgment. Karegan, who could find no satisfaction in the city life and fled it as soon as he was old enough, spitting on his mother and father who might've caged him to it. Antigone, the only girl-child and lost among the noise her brothers made, and youngest Arif, sickly as a chlid, scholarly, who is a rising priest of Erathis.

Antigone was nearly lost to her brother's noise. In truth, that gave her the freedom. Baakir was busy getting her father's attention, while Arif's got her mother's. Karegan got them all when he simply ran off without warning, fleeing into the wilds to find his own destiny. 

Antigone was an afterthought; she might've been her mother's favorite had Arif not demanded so much attention after his birth, sickly and needing constant tending for the first two years of his life. She might've gained her father's attention if  Baakir had not been so much like him, brave and strong and true. And Karegan stole the show by running away… why repeat what another had already done?

So Antigone sat back and wondered when it would be her turn to shine; she found herself drawn to her father's old cohorts (Mother's priest-friends were boring and they adored Arif) who didn't always want to kowtow to Mukhtaar and his son at the same time. They found her strength not lacking, her hand deft, and were soon showing her around the fighting ring, realizing that there'd be talent here wasted if nobody acted on it.

So they did. She had uncles aplenty, to taught her to play cards, to feint, to oil the leather of her boots just so, who dug out her father's old shield and saw how well it fit upon her arm. Eventually, even her parents took notice, and by then it was too late. She was dueling her teachers and occasionally breaking up street bar brawls when she had to.

Her mother was relieved that she didn't cut off her hair and act like a man; her father was relieved that she took up armor instead of silk dresses. Baakir considered her a potential for the army he might someday lead, and Arif just lectured her as if he was her better. It was not proper that she be a simple brawler; shouldn't she want more for their family? It shouldn't have surprised anyone that she couldn't worship Erathis, what with the preaching she got at home.

With no men seeking lovers who could best them in combat some thirty years after Callisthene and Mukhtaar's rounds, Tig, as the men called her, was left with few options. Stay and be absorbed into the guard or her brother's forming company, or leave. She couldn't run off like Karegan had. That wasn't her way.  So she wondered and she waited, again, for something to happen. When Sara, wife to her 'uncle' Marrek, asked her to go seek her uncle and bring him home from his most recent goosechase, it seemed like the best option: adventure outside of home and perhaps, find a place that did not know the daughter of the Law Sworn and the Blackhand.

She announced her departure,  and was only warned to be back in time for her brother's wedding, to be set for the end of the year. So didnt' think it would take THAT long to find Marrek and bring him home. So with that in mind, she took up her father's sheild and her own sword and headed out to the King's Road, hoping to find more then Marrek on it's dusty path.


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