Oona TreeSeeker



Oola a Longfang shifter (werewolf related). She is 24, 6 feet tall, medium build with muscle tone, black hair with carmel streaks reaching to her shoulder blades, gold and red eyes slightly asian look, petite nose slightly flattened on the tip giving her the fainest of canine looks. In battle her nose developes ridges, her eyes grow wide, her canines protrude, and her mannerisms become noticibly more wild. She has three tatooes on her body; the first can be found behind her left shoulder and is the symbol of her tribe – a red, clawed hand palm forward with the consellation Bringer overlapping the palm (close four star triangle); the second is a blue flame on her right hand, covering a deep scar; the third is black blade wrapped in thorns – the royal emblem of the barbarian clan she served.

She wears simple cloth and rawhide clothing wrapped with leather straps. Though her calves and tops of her feet are also wrapped, the bottom of her feet are bare. She carries a canvas knapsack with her traveling gear, two leather pouches on her belt with a set of small throwing daggers. Kept carefully within it’s cracked leather sheath is her greatsword.

Oola loves trees and will often be found in one as she enjoys jumping and leaping from limb to limb. Though not shy by any means, she is wary of towns and villages because her origional tribe taught her that shifter are superior by nature and that other races shun us out of jealousy and fear.


Oola was born in a mountanous region where trees were sparse and her tribe was always hungry. She was raised by the tribe, never knowing who her birth parents were. A thirst for adventure got her into many scrapes as a child and her desire to be noticed branded her as a trouble-maker. Through watching the warriors of the tribe, she was able to practice her fighting in private. Desperate to see more of the world, at eighteen she joined the guard escorting her tribe’s MoonSinger to the outer tribes in the West Desert. After two years of travel and learning about other Races, Oola went her own way from the guard escort. Believing she was headed North to the heavily wooded areas of the continent, she mistakenly headed East and was captured by a Barbarian tribe of Goliaths. Out-dueling their princess, Oola was allowed to stay on as a personal guard to the Queen and princess. For six years she honed her fighting skills, learning the barbarian ways. Though the tribe was like a second family for her, Oola felt that she was needed to find the great trees that she had heard about in tales as a young girl. This time she headed North, skirting around towns and villages unless she needed supplies.

Oona TreeSeeker

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